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1、pre-sale service

Gather Power Industry Co.,Ltd holds press conferences and seminars now and then to enable forklift users to have a good knowledge of GP products and dynamic development of this kind of industry, and provide the professional analysis of the development trend in the modern logistics industry, costs, and using efficiency of the main logistics equipment like forklifts; with the help of modern communications such as WeChat, QQ, APP and other means, the company can communicate with customers effectively and professionally around the clock before they buy, enabling customers to truly understand their own needs; the professional sales engineers of the GP can also arrive at the scene to help customers to analyze forklift working conditions, and produce non-standard customized machines to satisfy customers’ needs.


2、after-sales service

Gather Power Industry Co.,Ltd takes lifelong responsibility for technical consultation and maintenance services through the global distribution of sales service network of all products sold. Gather Power Industry Co.,Ltd responds rapidly to customers’ feedbacks on repairing service. In addition, it asks the agencies to make a 24-hour service response, reporting to the GP information service center at the same time and accepting the supervision and evaluation. The whole machine is under one-year guarantee, that is, from the time when the customer receives the vehicle till the time when the vehicle is in normal use within a year, the components of the vehicle which are non-consumable can be repaired free of charge or compensated; as to those used for more than one year, we will implement the policy of paid maintenance services and provide accessories in accordance with less than 30% of the market price of the charging standard. For special customers such as big customers or customers who are in trouble, Gather Power Industry Co.,Ltd will use special preferential service plan to meet customers’ needs, and ensure all kinds of customers can enjoy equal professional after-sales service to solve customers’ extra worries.


3、accessories service

Gather Power Industry Co.,Ltd provides adequate accessories services all the year round. It implements the policy of 10 to 15 years’ continuous supply of accessories for all models, and fully guarantees the maximum period and using efficiency for customers’ vehicles; GP is able to identify the products sold by referring to each vehicle’s original configuration records according to internal production file system, which can fully guarantee the traceability of the major parts of various types of vehicles. For accessories that are in urgent need but the local agencies do not have, GP headquarters service center can send them to consumers via international express and they will arrive two days later. In order to satisfy the majority of customers’ demands, and improve the timely and accurate rate of the parts, the company will gradually establish a fitting center in the main markets. 


4、claim for compensation

GP Service Center can implement claims for vehicle and accessories. For the accessories under guarantee that have quality problems, GP will provide free of charge. For the whole vehicle which needs repairing because of quality problems, the local agency will provide free home repairing services.


5、product technical training

In order to serve customers around the world better, the Gather Power Industry Co.,Ltd delivers the latest technical development and continuous improvement of product information to various terminal markets timely. GP provides professional skills training to the domestic and foreign agencies, ensuring the continuous improvement of the service level of each agent’s service capacity of synchronization and localization to the maximum extent, so that the after-sales service system of GP has been perfected.


6、quality control

GP has strict inspection for the warehousing and ex-warehousing of purchased parts, outsourcing parts and self-made parts and implements the process inspection and whole inspection in assembling and debugging. As to the reliability related to the quality of the whole process, GP strictly implements standards of ISO quality management system. Gather Power Industry Co.,Ltd adopts a lot of advanced equipment such as modern plasma cutting and laser cutting, CNC machining centers, welding robots, automatic spraying line, vehicle assembly line automation and the main performance testing line. Moreover, GP strengthens the continuous technical skills training of its staff, fundamentally ensuring the high quality of products.